Anonymous: What is your favorite Disney movie??

it used to be Beauty and the Beast. As a kid, a nerdy librarian who don’t need a man was super appealing. As an adult, I can see the stockholm syndrome correlations and… it isn’t too awesome. Mulan, a crossdressing woman who doesn’t do the girly things, goes off to fight as a man. SHE GETS CAUGHT. THEN, instead of dressing like a man to save the day, she does it as a woman. Not as a woman trying to be a man. Nope. Sure, there’s problems with the movie, but that message is pretty awesome.

Anonymous: How long does it usually take you to draw an answer to an ask??

HAHAHAH! As you can see… I am bad about it sometimes. I usually do them in between other stuff so it’s during my 5-10 minute breaks or after I get enough work done where i don’t feel too bad goofing off and doodling. :)