alexquintas: A few friends and I are going to see a burlesque show for the first time, and wanted to know if it was in bad etiquette to draw during the performance? We wanted to be able to sketch the performers but if it seems like we're sucky guests or if we make them uncomfy by drawing them while they're on stage we shan't. Thank you kindly.


I know that we’ve had some people draw us at our shows in the past, and we all loved it, but we’re weird. It never hurts to ask, and you’re super considerate for thinking about it before just doing it. I know some performers don’t like having photos of themselves taken, whether because they don’t want people in their muggle life to know they do burlesque or they just want to have control of their image and how it’s used. But drawings are very different from photos. I think you’ll be just fine. If any other burlesquers wanna weigh in, please do.

Please do! Also if you, Florence or any other performers, have any shows in the LA area! I would love to get the word on what the local crews think about it. And so I can bring work kids to draw you being awesome! Thanks so much!

sblack8: Did you do the prison background that says "I love you Sheelah?" I ask because that's my mom's name and I've never once met anyone else who spells it that way. I feel like my whole childhood life of not understanding that most people spell it "Sheila" has been validated. Also she'll find the "I did her" super amusing :)

Haha. Yes. I did that joke. They needed some graphitti there and let me get away with that much. I think our art director , Lisa Hanawalt , let us do a lot of bg jokes as long as it wasn’t too much or distracting. She MIGHT have done new posters at the abortion clinic because I went too dark… Maybe… Her udder cancer joke was better though. Also, I spelled Sheelah phonetically instead of how it’s written normally. I like it better because the pronunciation makes sense to my brain. Sorry that convict did your mom, though. He seems like a nice enough guy.